Terms and Conditions

All driving lessons and courses are operated by Safety Driving Centre  (Sel) Sdn. Bhd. (SDC), whose registered office is  Lot 3A, Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia. SDC’s operation is subject to, war, terrorist activity, natural disaster, civil strife, adverse weather or road conditions, fire, bureaucratic obstacles, and Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) regulations.

SDC reserves the right to decline any booking / enrolment / at their discretion. The Candidate(s) / student(s)/ Driver Learner(s) / Driving candidate(s) are required to sign a copy of the terms and conditions form after reading it.The terms and conditions and all matters arising from it are subject to Malaysian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian Courts. In the event that any of the provisions of this terms and conditions shall be determined by any Court to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent then such provision shall to that extent be severed from the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable.


SDC will take all reasonable precautions to ensure candidate / student safety whilst candidate / student are learning with us; however candidate / studentshould also take reasonable steps and  docandidate / student best to prevent injury or accident to candidate / studentself or others. Follow the instructions of candidate / student Instructor if candidate / studentare unsure about anything. If any accident / incidents were to occur due to candidate / student negligence or not of our fault, he or she will be personally be liable for damages.

The student understands and agrees that he / she is responsible for damages, including collisions that occur in our premises and during drive tests while the candidate is in complete control of the vehicle WITHOUT a BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVING SCHOOL instructor. The student further understands and agrees that he / she are responsible for any damages or loss  caused by the candidate to the SDC’s facilities/ properties / vehicles. The candidateunderstands and agrees that the SDC is not responsible for candidate’s personal belongings that are leftor missing in SDC’S  facilities, premises or vehicles.


Conduct of instructor or trainer

SDC will provide  trainer/ instructor who is professionally trained and who is bound by a professional code of conduct. This will ensure that all SDCtrainers will act professionally , polite , tidy and will not smoke in the car while giving driving training. The instructor or trainer are required to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. SDC Trainer  is required to use SDC’s and JPJ’s standard operation procedure(s) while giving driving training / course / test.


SDC is fully endorsed by The Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ).JPJ is the agency that examines licences and controls the standards of all driving trainer / instructor in the Malaysia. OurSDC Driving Trainer / instructor is registered with JPJ  and is approved by them to display the SijilPengajarInstitutMemandu (SPIM) badge on his/her car.


We covered by insurance policy applicable to students/ candidates, however this policy is subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the insurance provider which may differ from time to time. If the students are candidates required more information, we will provide the details as required.


Our Driving Instructor gives candidate / student training using SDC’s car, which is properly insured for this purpose and for use in driving tests or training only which is approved by JPJ / PUSPAKOM.

General terms

  1. Entry age
    • To enrol to obtain driving license at SDC ,candidate / student must be at least:



Minimum age


Motorcycle exceeding 500 cc



Motorcycle not exceeding 250 cc


Three-Wheeled Motorcycle


Motor Car unladen weight not exceeding 3500 kg



Motor Car Without Clutch Pedal unladen weight not exceeding 3500 kg


Heavy Motor Car unladen weight exceeding 7500 kg



Tractor/Mobile Machinery Light (Wheeled) unladen weight not exceeding 5000 kg



Tractor/Mobile Machinery Heavy (Wheeled) unladen weight exceeding 5000 kg


Tractor/Mobile Machinery Heavy (Tracked) unladen weight exceeding 5000 kg


Public Service Vehicle (PSV) is a vocational driving licence that allows the holder to drive any type of commercial vehicle used for paying passengers such as Taxis, Window Van and Buses. Starting July 12th, 2019 ride-hailing drivers (eg Grab, Uber) must apply for (PSV – Taxi/E-hailing) licence.


Goods Driving Licence (GDL) a special driving licence to drive any type of commercial vehicle used for transporting goods such as Lorries, Panel Vans and other vehicles that are registered as a commercial vehicle to transport goods


  1. Documents required
    1. Registration
  • During registration, candidate / studentare required to bring along candidate / student original Malaysian identity card (Mykad) if candidate / student are Malaysian or permanent resident of Malaysia and Passport if candidate / student are Non-Malaysian.
  • Foreigners must in posses of valid Visa from Malaysian Immigration Department with minimum 6 months validity( social pass is not qualify as a valid documents for driving)
  • Candidate / student photo with white background : 2 pieces (non-Returnable)
  • Existing Driving license or Vocational driving license (if poses)
    • We unable to register candidate / student if candidate / studentare blacklisted to continue driving learning process as in JPJ and Police records. As such it is candidate / student responsible to tell us before registration.
  1. Training and Test
  • Candidate / student are required to bring along candidate / student original Malaysian identity card (Mykad) if candidate / student are Malaysian or permanent resident of Malaysia and Passport if candidate / studentare Non-Malaysian.
  • Foreigners must in posses of valid Visa from Malaysian Immigration Department with minimum 6 months validity ( social pass is not qualify as a valid documents for driving)
  • Candidate / student photo with white background : 2 pieces (non-Returnable)
  • Existing Driving license or Vocational driving license (if poses)
  • candidate / student are also required to bring along candidate / student original and valid L License.( during practical training and practical test).
  1. Fees
    1. Payment terms
      1. SDC reserves the right to add, change, alter or dismiss at any time without prior notice any steps / modules in order to obtain a Driving License. This changesare required to follow to internal policy changes or JPJ mandatory changes in the process of obtaining a Driving License. The Course fees shown are inclusive of GST / SST where applicable and must be paid upfront in order to take on a driving course, training and test. SDC reserves the rights to change the fees structurewithout prior notice and this changesdo not represent a formal quotation for future date.
      2. A candidateis allowed tomake his/her payment progressively / instalment. SDC will keep the candidate / students informed on the mode of payment and have the right to vary the fee / payment mode as and when necessary. The amount payable may vary at anytime due to statutory requirement changes such as sales and service tax.
    2. A minimum payment of the fees upon enrolment is required depending on the packages / modules upon enrolment. Candidates must obtain official receipts for all payments. Payments should only be made directly to SDC office(s) by cash or cheque or credit card or online payment. (Please ensure candidate / student obtain and retain candidate / student receipt for candidate / student own records). Our Office(S) and Branch(s) location will be stated in our official website: www.sdc.com.my
    3. SDC not responsible if payment is paid via unauthorised payment mode or to our trainer / instructor.
  1. Driving Course / Practical Training / Practical test / Theory test / Practical Test length and expiration( Learning Length)

The candidate/students has the flexibility to follow its driving learning process at the time he/she finds most convenient. SDC offer a variety of schedules to accommodate student/ candidate time availability on weekdays/weekends which vary depending on the stage of the course. However, JPJ test and other test aresubject to a fixed time and determine by such authority. It is the responsibility of the candidates to make him/her available for such test and to obtain the relevant score which will allow the candidate / students to continue with the process. Although there is not minimal time enforced, the candidate/ students can go at their own pace and all the stages must be completed in less than a year (12 months) from the moment they areenrolled. A learning lengththat extends over 12 months without module completion will be rendered invalid.The candidates /students will have to re-apply and re-take some or all course stages where applicable. If there is a refund request by the candidate / students, such refund will be subject to registration fees, processing fees, JPJ fees and all service(s) /training(s) /product(s)/ test(s). The candidate / student shall manifest in timely manner such refund request. For example: a claim made past 6 months from the enrolled date shall not be processed as the Course the candidates /students signed for, has expired. It is the responsibility of the candidates / students  to complete all the stages and approve the necessary test to obtain their driving License at adequate times; a prorated calculation will apply taking into consideration those variables.

  1. Additional cost

SDC may require the candidate / student to pay additional cost  incurred for retest, extra hours driving training and  License processing fee. The payment amount and terms may vary as per package candidate / student signed up.

  1. Refund policy
  1. Please note any deposit or any subsequent fees paid are not refundable in the event candidate / student decide to cancel the training / course / test.  However in special circumstances or in  the event of unavoidable situationsuch as medical, transfer due to education or work is allowed for a refund. SDC has the right to deduct minimum registration/ service fee, Tax incurred and all course charges, test Fee, Course fee, Training fee, Training kits, products cost. The costs mentioned herein may vary from time to time.
  2. Upon refund request, candidate /student is required to fill up refund request form and submit all valid documentsto support refund and its reason.
  • SDC may take minimum 20 working days to make refund payment.
  1. The refund is subject to the discretion and approval of SDC.
  2. Refund if any, will be paid to the candidate / student  name/account only and not to any third party including immediate family members or parents.SDC will decide to refund if the candidate / student gives written consent for such refund to immediate family members.
  3. Candidate/student refund request will be invalid if :-
    1. There is a delayed the in learning length due to any criminal action taken against student / candidates.
    2. If the candidate / student blacklistedby JPJ and Police records.
    3. War or curfew
    4. National emergency / national disaster / pandemic
  1. Disclaimer
    1. SDC has the right to discontinue the course for any candidate for any misbehaviours or misconduct. At this juncture SDC has the right not to refund any fees paid.
    2. Packages or modules registered by the candidate / students in SDC is non Transferable. 
  1. Packages
    1. SDC has various types of packages / modules and offers as below:
      1. JPJ Basic
      2. SDC Affordable
  • SDC Premium
  1. Kindly obtain detail of packages / modules at our websites or our customer service personnel before the preferable package is selected
  2. SDC reserves the right to add, change, alter or dismiss package / module at any time without prior notice any steps established in order to obtain a Driving License, this changes might respond to internal policy changes or JPJ mandatory changes in the process of obtaining a Driving License. Accordingly SDC packages / modules fees will change. This will be done without prior notice and do not represent a formal quotation for future date.
  1. Conduct
    1. Candidate are not allowed to smoke, drink or eat during lessons.
    2. Candidates are not allowed to use mobile device or any other electronic devices during lessons/ test.
    3. Candidates are not allowed to record the driving test or lessons.
    4. Candidate are required to be punctual for classes, lessons as the SDC is obliged to teach only at times specified.
  1. Dress code
    1. During the session of course, practical training and test,candidate is required to be in a proper dress code as below:
      1. A malecandidate is only allowed to wear :
        1. Short / long sleeve and collared Shirt
        2. National Dresses
        3. Long pants
        4. Fully covered shoes.
      2. A femalecandidate is only allowed to wear :
        1. Long pants & Collared T-Shirts
        2. National Dresses
        3. Fully covered shoes.

SDC has the rights to refuse and not to allow to start any module if candidates who are inappropriately dressed.

  1. Promotions
    1. Promotions and discounts are the sole discretion of SDC. SDC reserves the right to add, change, alter or dismiss promotions at any time without prior notice. Candidate must submit promotional vouchers or Code during enrolment only. The discount / promotion value is inclusive of Tax computations. The discount will be added at the final payment only.
  1. Health
    1. By registering an account at SDC candidate / student acknowledge the risk involved inside and outside the SDC premises. Candidate shall perceive a hazard during a class, test or any other moment attending a class, the candidate must inform the relevant instructor/ SDC employee at the earliest opportunity. The candidate must rely by his or her own personal accident insurance policy or relevant medical assistance. The candidate / studentsacknowledgesno liability will be assumed by SDC, employees, instructors or associates for injuries caused during the driving lessons inside or outside SDC facilities. The candidate / student acknowledges there is a risk associated to the usage of motor vehicles, be a car, motorbike or lorry, for which SDC cannot held responsibility. The candidate / student shall refrain from registering or applying for a License Driving Course if his /her health condition prevent him/her from undertaking the complete Driving Course. SDC or its employees, instructors or associates will be not be held responsible for any misinformation or lack of it by the candidate / student at the time of registering that resulted in the candidate / students injury or death. Not disclosing a health condition will mean any type of liability or coverage will not be assumed by SDC. Is the sole responsibility of the candidates / students  to take care of its own health and physical integrity, during a Driving lesson inside or outside SDC premises.
  1. Personal Data Protection

“In line with the provisions of PDPA 2010, rest assured that SDC is seriously committed to protect the candidates/student’s data or personal information that was provided to SDC. SDC will ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that the candidates/student’s personal data or information which is provided to SDC are protected, accurately reflected and safeguarded in SDC’s system.    

The accuracy of the said personal data/information depends on the information provided by the candidates/students to SDC. Kindly update SDC if there are any changes to the said personal data/information”

This information however can be accessed by SDC sibling companies SDC Holdings Sdn. Bhd. ,Sentral Driving Centre Sdn. Bhd.  and Malaysian Defensive Driving and Riding centre Sdn. Bhd  for the purposes of verification, avoiding duplicates and/or internal Marketing by any of the Academies.

  1. FreeShuttle service
  • Pick up services is only available to candidates signed up for selected packages only.SDC has the right to charge if candidates requires pick up services beyond its pick points / time offered at any price determined by SDC.Pick up and send off for candidates are only for car driving sessions (practical training). No pick up or send off services for candidates attending theory courses. ie: Theory test or Practical test.No pick up or send off services for motorbike practical training.Pick up and send off only offered at selected pick up points(this is subject to changes and candidate / student may refer at our website for pick up locations). The candidate / student acknowledges no liability will be assumed by SDC, employees, instructors or associates for injuries caused before, during and after the pickup sessions.Candidate is required to wait at the pickup points at least 45 minutes before schedules time of training. Training classes will be cancelled automatically for late or absence of candidates and a late feewill  be charged for each hour.SDC is not responsible for delay on pick up services owing to unusual traffic jam, rain or accidents. SDC has the right to cancel pick up services owing to unavoidable circumstances.
  1. Group registration

Corporate clients such us companies can register their employee(s) for SDC packages. The payment can be made by invoicing system, however all payment must be fully settled as terms mentioned in the invoice. By accepting the offer and invoice, thecooperate  client accepts all the SDC terms and conditions herein.

Appointment cancellations by candidate

  • Cancellations of appointment for courses, practical training or any relevant appointments:
    • Received up to 1 business days prior to class will not be charged the Cancellation fee.Cancellations within 1Business Day prior to appointments, and no-shows, are subject to Cancellation fees .
  • Cancellations of appointment for Test.
    • Received up to 8 business days prior to test will not be charged the Re-booking fee. Cancellations within 7 business days prior to appointments, and no-shows, are subject to payment for the full amount of the cost of testwith future replacement and Re-Booking fee(s)
  • Cancelation / rebooking fees are subject to changes from time to time.

Cancellation of course/ Trainings/ test by SDC

  • SDC reserves the right to cancel or change a appointment of course/ Trainings/ test at any time, including but not limited to, lack of participation, classroom, and equipment or trainer availability or any other reasons beyond SDC control.Notification will be provided within 2 hours of the training or test, whenever possible.Candidateswill be given replacement of the appointment within next available schedule and candidates will not be charged for the replacement. SDC is not liable for any direct, or indirect, consequential or special damages that may be incurred due to a cancellation of a scheduled class, including, but not limited to, cancellation penalties for transportation or accommodations. The customer or candidate’s sole remedy shall be the refund of prepaid course fees.
  1. Legal requirement ( summons)

All JPJ /PDRM summonses must be settled before registering. It is the candidate’sresponsibility to check if there are ay summonses issued against them


  1. Complaint

All complaints will be handled by our SDCteam in a professional and timely manner


  1. Updates to this T&C
    SDC reserve the right to amend, change, modify,update or replace any of these terms and conditions, whenever deems fit and based on the circumstances at the material time.


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High Use Policy

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All Payment Terms as per Terms and condition above. SDC’s website is one of our payment receiving platform where a credit card number on file is declined SDC’s website   will immediately suspend the facility to use its server or purchase service on-line until the outstanding charge is processed successfully. SDC reserves the right to suspend other services until the outstanding payment is cleared. Any non-payment of a recurring invoice may be subject to administration charge. the person is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time the client cancels the agreement in writing.A valid debit/credit card and e-mail address must be registered to the person account at all times. Failure to do so may result in suspension of the person account.

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